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Tell Me the Number before Infinity
the story of a girl with a quirky mind,
an eccentric family, and oh yes, a disability

by Becky Taylor & Dena Taylor

Published by Many Names Press, 2016
ISBN 978-0-9773070-8-1(paperback)
ISBN 978-1-9444970-0-2 (ebook)
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Becky & Dena Taylor, Authors of:
Tell Me the Number Before Infinity,
the Story of a Girl with  Quirky Mind,
an Eccentric Family, and Oh Yes, a Disability
(that's Becky on the cover at 4 years old, with her handwriting now)


A small press publishing house, run by just one person,
 Kate Hitt. Sometimes it takes longer to publish a book,
but lo, these 20 years she's managed to produce about one a year.
"Tell Me the Number before Infinity" by Becky Taylor and Dena Taylor is the twentieth book.


Publishing consultations, book layout and design, expert digital imaging,
editing, writing and print brokerage (of any kind)
for all your printing, publishing and book authoring needs are available.

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Many Names Press Printing History & Other Stuff

Kate began as a printer 35 years ago in 1981, working and developing her offset printing skills in many printshops, while learning the letterpress on her own. In 1993, she formed her own business, Many Names Press, as a commercial printery and a print studio. She printed and published her first fine press editions (including "Sam Hergo, Circus Strongman" by her uncle, Bill Stipe, in 1996,) and designing trade editions using Photoshop, Illustrator and QuarkXpress. The press evolved with the times, so she became a graphic designer and sends digital files to book printers instead of printing them herself. She last printed an offset press book in 1999, and gave up the large format letterpresses (wishes she kept the Asbern and Vandercook!) She still prints letterpress using lead type on a eighteen-sixties Craftsman platen pilot press purchased from Lou Pryor of the Before Press in Arcata, CA.

Many Names Press provides experienced writers, poets and artists with services big name publishers and self-publishing businesses will not. With special emphasis on feminist, historical, social, economic and environmental art, the press produces limited edition letterpress books, chapbooks and broadsides of fine art and poetry as well.

  The press believes in collaborating with her authors about content, look relevance, quantity, marketing, publicity, booksignings and other aspects. This effort of the press, and the authors' full participation, guarantee its success once the book is printed.

Publishing a book or two a year by accepting work with complete galleys and credible marketing plans by way of mouth, through friends, acquaintances and fellow poets, Kate wholeheartedly maintain support for her authors and indie booksellers by actively engage in local commerce and culture, and by working with locals (and some women friends and poets like the amazing Louise Grassi Whitney of Napa who wrote “Wet Welded Together"), and as Becky Taylor says, who lives directly above Bookshop Santa Cruz, “can’t get more local than that!


Many Names Press believes in the power of creativity through published literature & art: 

to overcome injustice and warring minds,

develop work parity & social equality,

foster respect for women & children everywhere,

and support, nurture & protect this world's fragile ecology for all beings.

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Many Names Press writers and artists asked me to edit, produce and/or prepare their manuscripts and I was very glad to do so.
However, at this time, I rarely accept unsolicited manuscripts to publish under the Many Names Press imprint, so write for more information.

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